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The Illinois Medical District (IMD) is a 365/24/7 environment that includes 560 acres of medical research facilities, labs, a biotech business incubator,  two universities, raw development area and more than 40 healthcare related facilities.  The IMD is anchored by four major hospitals:
The Illinois Medical District Commission (IMDC) is comprised of seven Commissioners responsible for the development and collaboration of medical science initiatives that support the IMD partners within the District. Four Commissioners are appointed by the Illinois Governor, two by the Mayor of Chicago and one by the President of the Cook County Board. 
The IMDC fosters economic growth of the IMD partners by supporting significant healthcare, research, program, technology commercialization and real estate development initiatives. To that end, the IMDC facilitates collaboration among clinicians, academic researchers, private industry and patients, activing as an independent third party convener that brings institutions and individuals together around common needs, goals and themes.

IMDC Mission: to be a leader in patient care and medical research utilizing our diversity and unique assets while driving economic growth.