August 16th, 2016


Ryan Gage
Director of Marketing and Communication

IMD Announces Adoption of 2016 Master Plan

Revised plan to provide a roadmap for future development
in one of the nation’s largest urban medical districts


CHICAGO– the Illinois Medical District (IMD) today announced the adoption of its 2016 Master Plan. The updated plan was unanimously approved by the IMD board of commissioners during its July meeting.

The 2016 Master Plan is the result of a 16-month collaboration between the IMD and lead planning agency Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB). Additionally, Sam Schwartz Engineering and Site Design Group served as consultants. Development of the plan occurred in three phases. Priority areas include promoting urban style development, supporting transit use and walkability and providing high quality amenities for District employees, patients, residents and visitors.

Following the development of the plan, the IMD shared it with elected officials, City departments and stakeholders in a fully inclusive socialization process. The plan was also posted on the IMD website for a 40-day public comment period, followed by a community meeting held at the IMD administrative offices, where residents provided invaluable feedback on how the plan might best serve the surrounding community.

“We were thrilled with the level of institutional and community interest during the socialization process,” said IMD Executive Director Dr. Suzet McKinney. “The updated plan will affect everyone’s IMD experience, and it was important to us that residents, partners and community leaders all had a voice in the process.”

Implementation of the 2016 Master Plan has already begun. The IMD has convened a Parking Task Force to evaluate and resolve parking and traffic challenges in the District, and is exploring funding opportunities to address stakeholder recommendations. Included in these recommendations are a District-wide transportation service, crosswalk enhancements and streetscape improvements.

In addition, IMD has begun working with the City on a comprehensive amendment to Planned Development 30 (PD 30), the zoning ordinance for the District. This amendment is a critical step in creating a physical environment that is representative of a world class medical district. Areas that will be addressed in the PD 30 amendment include permitted uses, density, parking, land coverage and setbacks.

“All of the work that we do is focused on the transformation of the IMD into a more vibrant and thriving urban environment,” continued Dr. McKinney. “The 2016 Master Plan is the catalyst for achieving our shared vision for the future.”

Expected outcomes of the 2016 Master Plan include elevating the brand of the IMD in order to attract new and innovative businesses, creating a more collaborative environment with a more diverse mix of uses and supporting the redevelopment plans of IMD partners. To view the plan online, click here.


The Illinois Medical District (IMD) fosters economic growth by supporting healthcare, research, program, technology commercialization and real estate development initiatives. The IMD facilitates collaboration among clinicians, academic researchers, private industry and patients, acting as an independent third party convener that brings institutions and individuals together around common needs, goals and themes. Our mission is to be a leader in patient care and medical research utilizing our diversity and unique assets while driving economic growth.

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